Our Menu


Our Menu

Our Menu

 | Appetizers |

Spicy cheese dip
 Τzatziki dip
Aubergine dip
Garlic dip
Fish roe dip
Dakos (kretan rusks)
Φάβα Fava
Fried courgettes
Fried aubergine
Courgettes balls
French fries
Peppers with cheese
Grilled mushrooms
Spinach with black-eyed
Stuffed grape leaves

| Our Cheese |

Feta cheese
Grilled feta cheese
Fried cheese
Halloumi cheese
Talagani cheese (local cheese-grilled)
Cheese platters

| Our Salads |

Greek salad
«Kochili» salad Tomato-Cucumber
Mixed green salad
Lettuce salad
Cabbage salad
Rocket with parmesan
Boiled local greens
Fresh beetroot
Tuna salad 
Potato salad 
Boiled vegetables
Grilled Mixed Vegetables
| Our Soups |


Fish Soup
Chicken Soup
Vegetable Soup
Meat Soup

| Traditional Greek Dishes |

Green beans in tomato sauce 
Okra (ladies fingers in tomato sauce)
Briam (baked mixed vegetables)
Stuffed seasonal vegetables
Eggplant imam 
Beef with tomato sauce 
Stifado (beef in toamato sauce and onions) 
Pork cooked in wine 
Sutzukakia with tomato sauce

| Sea Food |

 Anchovies marinated
Octopus marinated
Grilled octopus 
Mussels saganaki 
Mussels sauteed (with wine and garlic) 
«Kochili» paella 
Shrimps saganaki 
Fried shrimps 
Grilled shrimps
Grilled crayfish
Grilled squid fresh
Fried squid 
Fresh cuttlefish with ink
Cuttlefish risotto with ink 
Cuttlefish with spinach 
Seafood risotto 
Fishermans dish spaghetti
Grilled crab claws
Grilled lobster
Local crayfish
 Lobster with pasta 
Α Fresh sea urchin eggs 
 Seafood platter  fried for two people

| Fresh Fish* |

Fried anchovies 
Grilled sardines fillet 
Smelts (small fish) 
Marida (small fish) whitebait 
Swordfish piece 
Salmon piece
Sea bass
Meron grouper

*Fish plates may differ by day.Contact us at your visit

| Meat Portions |

Pork steak
Beef steak
Pork fillet
Ribeye (beef)
Beef fillet
Chicken fillet
Pork souvlaki
Chicken souvlaki

| Pasta Dishes |

Spaghetti napolitana
Spaghetti bolognese
Shrimp spaghetti
Crayfish spaghetti
Penne with butter and cheese
Penne mediterranean(feta cheese, tomato sauce)

We also provide a Kids and a Vegeterians Menu. Please contact us at your visit.
Regarding any alergies please inform us during your order


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